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decídalo V3 is here! Skills and CV management with GPT-4. Find out more here!

The AI-Powered Management Platform for the Consulting Industry

Win more business, increase billable hours, improve margins and create competitive advantage

  • Deliver better bids to clients faster
  • Optimize consultants’ utilization and increase billable hours
  • Increase project margins across clients with predictive analytics
  • Build the skills your company needs to grow your business
  • Create competitive advantages by increasing the quality of decision making

The decídalo Platform

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Bid Life Cycle Management

  • Deliver better bids to clients faster with integrated proposal, skills, CV and reference management
  • Access all relevant data from a single application
  • Easily integrate with your existing SaaS, on premise and custom applications
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Resource Management

  • Optimize consultants’ utilization and increase billable hours
  • Decrease bench time and avoid bottlenecks by predicting skill demands
  • Allow consultants to proactively find projects that best map to their skills
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Cross-Client Project Management

  • Optimize project margins across clients and mitigate risks with predictive analytics
  • Eliminate process and data gaps with a single view of all projects
  • Connect everyone on the Project Management Portal
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Skill and Performance Management

  • Understand your organization’s capabilities and simplify knowledge sharing
  • Build the skills needed for future projects and strategic growth areas
  • Attract employees with transparent career development
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Predictive Insights

  • Increase the quality of decision making by identifying patterns and correlations and better predicting outcomes
  • Respond to clients faster with intelligent alerting and recommendations
  • Optimize your people’s time with machine learning insights, analytics and dashboards
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Fast and easy integration into existing systems

Decidalo platform