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decídalo free is here!
Skills and CV Management with GPT-4

The first skills and CV management solution that really understands you.

GPT-4 plus data: decídalo Freemium combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model with internal and external data on skills, projects and skill demands. Bring your skills management into the AI age!

Upload profiles, plug in LinkedIn, get started!

Automatically up-to-date profiles

Maintaining consultant profiles by hand was yesterday. Skills, project descriptions and summaries are generated from existing data. Up-to-date profiles in consistent quality without effort.

CV Parser

Do you manage consultant profiles in Word or PowerPoint? Simply upload them – no setup, no data migration. Easily import profiles of freelancers or partners and transform them into your own CV designs.

LinkedIn integration

Import profiles from LinkedIn with our Chrome plugin and expand your resource pool.

All information in one place

With decídalo Free, you leverage existing data for your skills management. Through integration with Microsoft 365 and other cloud platforms, decídalo V3 discovers skills from documents, emails, or chats.

The Analytics services complement the latest data on certificates and skill requirements from the web.

CV Designer

Optimize consultant profiles for any client situation with just a few clicks: choose a template, set the focus, done. With the “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” CV designer, you generate convincing CVs for every proposal.

Free to Enterprise

decídalo Free is the lightweight CV management solution for those who want to get started right away. Start for free! If needed, you can easily upgrade – decídalo Freemium is seamlessly integrated with decídalo.

Build a resource pool

Upload profiles

Upload CVs from Word, PDF or LinkedIn and build a profile database.

decídalo ensures uniformly high quality.

Prove competence

Find profiles and create proposal-specific CVs.

Choose template, format, focus and generate documents.

Automate updates

Automatically update profiles through AI features.

decídalo provides always up-to-date profiles with minimal efforts.