Dynamic, data-driven and GenAI-native

Who we are

Since its foundation in 2008, Data Assessment Solutions has been breaking new ground in the efficient use of skills and employee capacities in dynamic growth industries – especially for IT services and consulting companies. We combine many years of industry experience with in-depth expertise in machine learning and data analysis. Through the intelligent use of existing data, we achieve significant increases in efficiency and provide our customers with a reliable source of information on all employees and projects.

Today, around 30 employees make up the innovative and dedicated team at Data Assessment Solutions GmbH, which is based in Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony.

15 Years of Industry Experience


Since the company was founded, we have been developing data-driven solutions for professional services


Go-live of the first version of decídalo


Re-launch with new front end


Start of new implementation, GenAI-native


Rollout of the third version of decídalo with Teams chatbot

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