Opportunities and RfPs

Seize Opportunities,
Plan Projects
and Create Proposals

Find, evaluate and respond to tenders – without friction loss in one platform.

Manage RfPs, skills, availabilities, costs and proposals in one central platform increasing your success rate. Create better offers in less time by identifying and managing opportunites more effectively.

Answer RfPs Faster

Automate RfP replies by leveraging the power of Large Language Models. decídalo parses RfP documents, assembles the required information and generates output in the requested format.

Complement skills and capacities by finding the right partners on the decídalo Partner Portal.

Align Sales and Delivery

Synchronize opportunities and customer data with your CRM. Whether Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot or Pipedrive.

decídalo picks up where your CRM leaves off and ensures efficient collaboration between sales and delivery.

Reliable Forecasts and new Insights

Reliable utilization forecasts at the touch of a button.

Anticipate bottlenecks or idle capacity. Get insights on the profitability of skills and see where demands are growing or declining.

Uncover the information hidden in project descriptions or other text. decídalo converts text into structured data.

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