Skills and Profiles

Skills Management in the GenAI Era

Reliable skill data without the hassle.
Don’t bug your people with skill assessments.

Skill catalogues are a thing of the past – Large Language Models are today. decídalo derives skills from available data. Get up-to-date analysis of the knowledge and experience you are currently interested in. AI assessments can be easily checked and adjusted.

Skill-Matrix Reloaded

Just like Excel, but with automatically updated skill data and integrated into your processes. See for yourself. Transfer your Spreadsheets to decídalo.

Skill Management via Chatbot

The DAS Assistant is your virtual skills manager, always online in Microsoft Teams.

Find an expert, staff a project team or create a report. The DAS Assistant will take care of it. Just ask. It’s like ChatGPT with domain expertise and your data.

Automatically Updated Employee Profiles

Skills, certificates, project history, professional experience, … With decídalo you have all employee data in one place. Without tedious data maintenance.

Employee profiles are automatically updated from resource management and via open interfaces.

decídalo determines the skills of your people from project experience and profile data.

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