Professional Services Automation

AI Service Automation for Consulting

Don’t waste time on admin tasks.
AI can handle them now.

Leading IT service and consulting companies trust decídalo

Your AI-Assistant

decídalo handles your backoffice tasks: Create proposals, customize consultant CVs, plan resources, record times, …
The DAS Assistant gives you access to all data, directly in Microsoft Teams. Get results immediately without switching tools or distracting colleagues. Free up capacities for billable work. Test the Assistant in Microsoft Teams. No registration required.

Built for IT services and consulting


We built the third generation of our proven solution from scratch, with generative AI at its core. The only thing we kept was our experience.

Large Language Models, such as OpenAI’s GPT, are a central part of the architecture.

This allows us to automate internal processes that would otherwise keep consultants from doing billable work. With 15 years of industry experience, we know what these are.

Ready to Use

Upload existing CV’s or Excel files and get started. Use our zip upload to import your data with a single click.
Experience professional services automation in the AI age.

Consistent Processes – Open APIs

End-to-end processes from sales to billing and all information at your fingertips.
Open interfaces and micro-services architecture make integration into existing system landscapes easy. With the DAS Assistant, you get ChatGPT with your data. Add the DAS Assistant for free from the Teams App Store.

Proven in Practice for 15 years

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