Utilization and Billing

From Resource Planning
to Time Recording
without Wasting Time

Manage utilization, record expenses and invoice services.

Resource scheduling and time recording is finally not annoying anymore – with the decídalo AI-Assistant. Up-to-date data, reliable forecasts and fast invoicing, without administrative overhead.

Actively Manage Utilization

Detect bottlenecks and drops in consultants’ utilization before they occur.

Bench management with active placement: Inform sales, partners or customers about free capacities and find new projects on the partner marketplace.

Intelligent Time Recording

decídalo knows what is to be done and what has been assigned from the shift planning. Timesheets are pre-assigned. No more loss of revenue due to incomplete time recording.

Integration with your financial system gives you end-to-end processes and consistent data from planning to invoicing.

Controlling for Consulting Projects

Don’t let any T&M budgets expire, and take action in good time. When expenses get out of hand, decídalo shows you which projects need your attention. You get transparency from quotation calculation to invoicing.

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