Leading consulting companies trust decídalo

Maik Stöber
Senior Teamleader Technical Resources Group
Computacenter AG & Co.oHG

“decídalo’s self-explanatory and clear user interface allows us to showcase our knowhow in the best possible way.”

Roman Caniga
Resource Manager
Innflow GmbH

“The clear focus of DAS on the consulting sector makes cooperation easy. Our wishes and suggestions are immediately understood, adaptations can easily be implemented.”

Georg Pepping
HR Director / Board of Management
T-Systems International GmbH

“During the Corona crisis, skills & resource management with decídalo made an important contribution to managing our utilization.
At the same time, decídalo helps us to drive the change to a flexible, agile organization. Employees can actively shape their deployment and development planning, and we can staff projects faster (‚on demand’).“

Rolf Kundi
Team Lead decídalo Project Management

“As an IT consulting company, the communication of our expert competence in CVs is a decisive success factor. In this context, decídalo is a valuable solution for us to generate and maintain high-quality profiles. The export of an expert profile without any postprocessing has significantly improved our response times to customer enquiries.“

Beatrice Kirchner
Sourcing & Freelancer Management

“As a consulting company in the life science industry ARCONDIS is able to efficiently present high-quality CVs and profiles of our consultants to its customers thanks to decídalo. We can customize the consultants’ expertise, focus and project references so that the client receives exactly the information they need. decídalo also helps us to filter consultant profiles according to specific competencies or other criteria. The handling is intuitive for the consultants and requires only little training. The administration of user profiles, organizational units and templates is also simple and well solved.“

Jan Van Achter
Global Resource Manager
Software AG

“The power of Software AG Professional Services is our consultants. How we manage their talent and experience is key to our success. With decídalo, we have a centralized and user-friendly tool to track current skills, required skills, and skill gaps.
For us, it’s a requirement to keep up with today’s rapid technological advancements. Our Resource Management and Sales teams have instant access to our consultants’ uniformly branded CVs. We now have role definitions that provide accurate tracking of capabilities. Thanks to the integration with our HR system, we do not have to worry about synchronizing employee master data, capacities and organizational structures.
The dedicated DAS team assigned to Software AG offers best practice guidance for using decídalo and rapidly develops the enhancements we require to continue to grow and manage our services business.“

Jürgen Kalmbach
Department Manager Information Governance & QM
Materna Information & Communications SE

“After intensive research on the market, we chose decídalo as our skills management tool. The software solution makes it very easy for us to structure and manage information about the knowledge and skills of our employees and we always have it at hand in our customer projects. The chances for offers and tenders also increase significantly.”

Gunnar Franke
Managing Director
TÜV Rheinland Consulting GmbH

“As a consulting company, forward-looking and efficient resource planning is fundamentally important to us. With decídalo, we have established the maintenance of project-related planned and actual times and are able to comprehensively control our resources with needs-based reports.”

Alexander Brocksieper
Head of Business Development SAP

“With decídalo, our internal sales force benefits from well-maintained profiles that can be exported into individually compiled CVs within minutes for tenders. The ability to combine employee profiles with roles and create requirement profiles makes it easier for our project managers to fill a project position in the best possible way.
With resource management, BTC is able to make project effort and needs much more transparent, get the right resource to the right project, and better allocate the load for everyone. This creates more billability and productivity in the company. In addition, the project marketplace is convincing, because all requirements from the recorded projects are collected here. This means that all BTC employees can see at any time which projects are currently being processed and for which project requirements support is still being needed.“

Susanne Sonntag
Head of Global Staffing Management
Detecon International GmbH

“With decídalo, we have found a complete solution that has made our internal processes much more efficient. The combination of skills, CV and resource management enables us to organize everything from opportunities and capacity planning to budget tracking and time recording. decídalo is thus part of a fully automated end-to-end process chain. We particularly appreciate the high level of integration, as it reduces the maintenance effort for our consultants and helps to keep data consistent and up-to-date. DAS is a competent and trustworthy partner for us with high innovation potential – we enjoy working together.”

Kristin Klose
Team Lead Resource Management and Operations
Aareon Deutschland GmbH

“With the introduction of decídalo and its integration into our system landscape, we have established end-to-end processes and thus increased transparency and, above all, planning reliability enormously.“

Lars Lindner
Sales Advisor
nterra integration GmbH

“With decídalo, we were able to significantly and sustainably improve our CV management. With just a few clicks, we can now effectively find suitable employees for project requests and fill projects with the right skills.“

Nadja Huber
Business Development Manager
itesys AG

“We can access all CV versions centrally and adapt them individually. The introduction of decídalo saves us time, which we can now use for our customers.“

Christian Töfflinger
Partner and Head of HR
microfin Unternehmensberatung GmbH

“decídalo helps us to have the latest CVs of our consultants available at all times and to flexibly highlight certain experiences and skills. This saves a lot of time and effort, especially in the offer phase. All you have to do is select people and the output format Word, PowerPoint or PDF.”

Christopher Krauß
Team Lead Bid-Management
Natuvion GmbH

“By introducing decídalo, we were able to establish new processes and improve our external presentation. Due to the simple handling, the CVs are individually adaptable and designable to the customer requests. This makes it easier for us to maintain them and enables us to work much more efficiently. The Data Assessment Solutions team has been actively supporting us since the beginning of the project and proactively informs us about updates and new opportunities.“

Rebecca Hilebrand
Sales Consultant
doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH

“decídalo offers us a high quality generation of employee CVs that are always up to date. This enables us to present ourselves as a quality service provider in tender phases. In addition, we have a central overview of reference projects that make it easier for the sales team to allocate enquiries.“