Faster sales processes with decídalo

Arcondis is a global consulting company with an exclusive focus on the healthcare and life science industries, with their particularly demanding requirements on quality and regulatory affairs. They have been addressing challenges and solving problems for their clients in the areas of compliance, business processes, information technology, and digital transformation since 2001. Arcondis creates value through cross-functional, sophisticated delivery methodologies and intelligent implementation. The company is growing at an average rate of 20% per year and has built up deep industry expertise over the 21 years of its existence. decídalo by Data Assessment Solutions was introduced to efficiently manage and market the existing skills and experience.


Arcondis’ clients include 150 global companies in the life sciences industry, including leading global pharmaceutical companies and medical technology providers. The company’s consulting services are divided into four business areas:

Technology Services

Compliance Services

Business Services

Engagement Service

One of the characteristics of the life sciences industry are the strict regulatory requirements. Expertise regarding the applicable legal requirements, standards and norms is a basic prerequisite for all four business areas. This is reflected in the skill sets of the consultants. All Arcondis consultants have extensive, practical industry experience in the life sciences sector. The more than 150 employees come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and business informatics.

Combining speed and quality

Arcondis impresses its customers with specific, professional expertise. The presentation of existing experiences and skills are an essential part of the sales process. Consultant CVs play a crucial role in this process. When project inquiries are received, suitable consultant profiles must be sent out as immediately as possible – time is money. Nevertheless, one wants to address the recipients individually and highlight particularly relevant points. Some customers also require CVs in their own templates. Without a suitable tool, these adjustments cost time and slow down the sales process. The conflict between speed and CV quality could not be resolved with the existing solution – an in-house development based on Word CVs in SharePoint. Even updating their own profiles was tedious for the consultants. Uniform templates and standards could not be achieved. Dynamic company growth increased the problem. As the number of consultants and project requests grew, it became more and more difficult to provide high-quality consultant profiles at short notice. Even searching for suitable profiles was laborious. In addition to its headquarters in Switzerland, Arcondis AG has national subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, Singapore and Slovakia. This requires the provision of customized CVs. Depending on the sales situation, short profiles in PowerPoint or detailed consultant CVs are used. Customer-specific templates are used for some large customers. All of this could not be automated with the SharePoint solution and generated considerable effort.

From industry experts for industry experts

Arcondis therefore decided to replace its in-house development with the standard solution decídalo by Data Assessment Solutions (DAS). Like Arcondis, DAS specializes in one industry – consulting. The introduction of decídalo has not only significantly increased speed and efficiency, but also the quality of consultant CVs. For the employees, the maintenance effort has been significantly reduced. Consultants don’t have to worry about formatting and layout anymore.

Today, CVs can be generated in seven different templates – as a long version in Word or PDF or as an One-Pager in PowerPoint – at the push of a button. The manual effort required to transfer profiles to other formats is completely eliminated. On average, every Arcondis consultant has five certifications and at least one publication. This high level of qualification is also reflected in the comprehensive skills, industry and project experiences. In the old Word SharePoint solution, even finding the right candidates with the right combination of certifications, skills and experience was tedious. With decídalo it became easy. The dynamic development of CV management with decídalo can be seen in the usage statistics. In 2019, 534 CV versions were created for 124 users and 1,485 CVs were downloaded. In 2020, there were over 2,200 CV downloads.

Active co-design

Through intensive use of decídalo, Arcondis has actively contributed to the software’s further development. For example, the Testimonials feature originates in a request from Arcondis. Satisfied customers and positive feedback are the best marketing. This also applies to consultants. So why not include customer testimonials in CVs? With decídalo, customer feedback can be stored for each consultant. When a CV is generated, suitable quotes for the specific proposal are selected. This provides an external opinion and underpins the consultant’s competence.

For Arcondis, a key advantage of decídalo is the rapid availability of proposal-specific CVs. Searching by skills, certificates or project experience makes it easy to identify the right candidates. Offer-specific adjustments to the client’s wording and highlighting of relevant experience and skills are done directly in decídalo. These CV versions are automatically updated when consultants edit their profiles and can be reused at any time.

With decídalo, Arcondis has created transparency about existing skills and experience. Every employee has access to the search function and can quickly find the right experts for his or her question. If a consultant identifies additional consulting needs of his or her client in a specific area, decídalo can be used to identify the right colleagues to address these needs.

About Arcondis

Arcondis is a global consulting company with an exclusive focus on the healthcare and life science industries, with their particularl demanding requirements on quality and regulatory affairs. In its 21 years of existence, the company has completed more than 2,500 projects for over 150 clients. Arcondis has been addressing challenges and solving problems for their clients in the areas of compliance, business processes, information technology and digital transformation since 2001. With six international locations, the company is growing at an average rate of 20% per year.