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Software AG (SAG) has been helping more than 10,000 companies connect through appropriate platforms since 1969. To make data flow smoothly between people, departments, systems and devices, the leading products from the areas of Integration & API Management, IoT & Analytics and Business Transformation help.
Software AG Professional Services, where decídalo has been in operation since 2019, specializes in supporting the company’s own products and is in constant exchange with the research and product development departments. The business model includes the sale of software and consulting services. For this, it is important to quickly find the right consultants with the right skills and to create convincing CVs.
With decídalo, the skills and CV management workflow has become much more efficient. This means less administrative work, more billable hours and an even more professional appearance.

decídalo impressed

Unclear filing of Word CVs in different versions, endless search for employees with the right skills and thus wasted working time: this was the reality in everyday work before the collaboration with Data Assessment Solutions. Effective skills and CV management is absolutely essential for SAG Professional Services’ projects, some of which span several years. Before decídalo, sometimes outdated CVs were sent out, the search for suitable employees proved difficult and went through the “who knows whom?” system. After intensive research, Jens Tregel, Head of Regional Resource Management, realizes “that there is no solution on the market similar to decídalo.”
With decídalo, the process has been thought through to the end: From profile maintenance to offer creation to CV export, the entire workflow is mapped. The location factor is also not insignificant. As a German manufacturer, Data Assessment Solutions is familiar with co-determination rights and works councils. Data hosting in Europe is also well received.

“The ability to systematically perform skill gap analysis is really unique in the market.”

More efficiency in sales

The skills and CV management was particularly convincing, as it resulted in a noticeable increase in efficiency in sales. “This was the door-opener for us!”, emphasizes Tregel. Suitable consultants are found more quickly and CVs are immediately customized. After all, not all of a consultant’s completed projects are of interest for a new tender.

In the past, pages of project lists were sent along due to excessive processing time. This was confusing and impractical. Now the projects are individually shortened to the essentials. Due to the uniform design of the CVs, the entire appearance looks professional and consistent.
Even with unusual skills, the search is no longer a problem. Whereas it used to take a long time to find the right consultants for a particular project, today the search is over with just a few clicks. “We were really helpless in the past,” adds Ines Krüger, Specialist Resource Management.

Skill development

Skill development is also an important topic at SAG. An essential component of skills management is a company-wide, specialist role model. Roles are defined on the basis of skill profiles. The decídalo role editor is used for this purpose. The skill-based role model enables systematic skill gap analyses and simplifies evaluation and skill planning. Tregel emphasizes that this function is “something special on the market.” The further development of the employees can thus always be kept in view.

More options in reporting

Jens Tregel also emphasizes the function in decídalo for designing reports yourself. With the reporting framework of decídalo’s reporting framework reports can be created and made available to users. decídalo’s authorization concept controls which user groups have access to which reports. SAG Professional Services has recently started using our new Power BI integration. This has additionally improved the display options of the data. Especially in the analysis of skills and roles, the extended evaluation options help enormously. How are the different roles distributed in the company? Which skills are required for the role? Which are often missing? In total, about ten different reports from decídalo are combined in Power BI. The integration with Power BI provides SAG with important information and saves time for creating analyses and dashboards.


Successful collaboration

The introduction of decídalo made it possible to replace Word and Excel for CV management. For the sales department, decídalo creates real added value: daily work has become much more efficient. CVs are consistent, professional and always customized. SAG Professionell Services appreciates the good cooperation with the Data Assessment Solutions team and the uniqueness of the decídalo software.

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