The right skills for a successful future

The IT service provider T-Systems is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG and operates in more than 20 countries worldwide. 28,000 employees must always be up to date, because they accompany the digital transformation of major companies around the world. This includes industry-specific consulting services, reliable multi-cloud services, innovative digital solutions and strong security services – from concept to implementation. At T-Systems, industry expertise meets perfectly integrated solutions from a single source. Following a comprehensive transformation into a specialist service provider for multi-cloud and digitization solutions, the Telekom subsidiary is on course for growth. T-Systems’ portfolio is highly technology-heavy. Today, the IT company employs data scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, blockchain, IT and cloud architects or digital engineers and tech consultants. Learning as well as skills and resource management have been key topics and firmly anchored at T-Systems for many years. On the tool side, this process has been supported by decídalo from Data Assessment Solutions since 2014. During this time alone, markets and technology have undergone disruptive change. As a result, the skills required of employees have changed rapidly.

No more looking into the crystal ball

What skills will be needed in the future? In which direction would an expert like to develop and how does this fit in with the strategic orientation? To answer these questions, T-Systems records and maintains employee profiles and project requirements. T-Systems has an extensive database of skills and capacities, in line with data protection requirements. “Skills have to be planned for the long term,” emphasizes Günter Greulich, Head of Resource, Strategy & Governance at T-Systems.

“We use regular gap analyses to check which skills are needed, which are available and which need to be built up. In doing so, we take into account both the optimal staffing of projects and the employees’ personal training wishes.”

It is essential for companies to keep an eye on market developments. New technologies are taken into account at an early stage in skills planning. This is also supported by decídalo’s integrated training offering. The T-Systems Training & Development team identifies and develops suitable qualification measures for the further development of the planned skills. An end-to-end process: From resource planning and project staffing to strategic skills management and training.

A marketplace about all projects creates transparency

At T-Systems, project requirements are published on the decídalo marketplace. Employees have transparency about open project positions and receive suggestions that fit their profile and development goals. The marketplace is not only an important tool for project staffing and workload management, but also enables effective skills development “on the job.” Employees don’t have to wait until the next project comes their way. The company also benefits from a positive effect on overall capacity utilization.

For T-Systems’ customer projects, it is important to quickly find employees with the right skills. “Our experts are constantly putting their skills to the test in customer projects – sometimes for just a few days, or over many months, as with the Corona Warn app”, explains Günter Greulich.


For companies with the size of T-Systems, configurability and authorization concepts play an important role. T-Systems is represented in many countries. This requires different views of the data.
Countries have different regulatory frameworks. decídalo offers the possibility to configure authorizations and workflows. In this way, everyone receives the information they need – in accordance with the regulations in force for the country or organizational unit in question.
Reporting is also an important added value of decídalo for T-Systems.

Not only do large volumes of data have to be managed, but specific requirements also have to be mapped and all authorization
concepts taken into account. With decídalo, a wide range of information can be linked and evaluated, from availability and skill gaps to requirements and deployments.

A WIN-WIN partnership

Günter Greulich appreciates the cooperation with the team from Data Assessment Solutions as a good partnership:
“We got what we needed and can provide impulses for a meaningful further development of the tool.” The software is now in use in 13 Deutsche Telekom Group units – with a total of 80,000 users. The marketplace will play an even greater role in the future. The plan is to create an overarching pool of project tenders that can be accessed by all Telekom units.

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