The right profile picture for every offer

Several profile pictures can now be saved and selected in decídalo.

Life is gradually moving back into the offices. And despite 1 ½ years of home office, hoodies have not become accepted as the dress code in all industries. On the other hand, wearing a suit and tie in the development department of a software company probably wouldn’t get you taken seriously.

With decídalo, you can now not only customize consultant CVs in terms of content, but also choose a profile picture that matches the client’s corporate culture.

For CV versions, you can store your own photos. All profile pictures belonging to a person are saved in a gallery and can be easily selected.

This has multiple use cases. Some of our customers use only black and white images in Word profiles, but color photos in PowerPoint presentations. Now that’s no longer a problem either.

Save yourself time-consuming manual post-editing of consultant CVs.

decídalo offers you many other features that will drastically reduce the effort required for CV management and increase quality at the same time.

See for yourself.