All Inclusive Set-Up Service

Getting started with decídalo is easier than ever!

By the very nature of their revenue model, consulting agencies are always hard-pressed for time. If they aren’t, they’re missing out on client projects!

The constant need to keep the revenue flowing means they can’t make time for saving time. They want to manage their projects and resources smarter, to optimize availability and minimize the bench. They know that it will increase productivity in the long run. They know their competitors are already doing that. Still, introducing a new software can be a chore – and getting users to fill out profiles might seem a daunting challenge. After all, the deadline is in two weeks, client requests are stacking up, the home-grown tool is mostly-partly-working, the consultants already have a million Word files, and who wants to sort through that?

We recognize this pain. For users who want to get started right away, without the need for lengthy data migration and a lot of integrations, we now offer an all-inclusive set-up service. You’ll be able to start using decídalo right away, with fully populated user profiles, skills and project data – more than enough for our smart AI to start giving predictions and suggestions. You leverage the full potential of the decídalo platform from day one. Hassle-free for you and your employees.

How it works

As part of the set-up process our intelligent services will analyse your existing CV documents. These will be used to generate and extract further information. You provide the documents as Word or PowerPoint files, we take care of the rest.

Say goodbye to the lengthy roll-outs

This way, you can start making full use of the software within the day of set-up. The best part? The more data your feed into the system, the more it will help you leverage the potential hidden in your organisation.

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