Smart Time Tracking Prefills Your Timesheets

The old way

In the consulting business, time recording is mostly a necessary but unpleasant task. Data Assessment Solutions has over ten years of experience in replacing legacy time recording systems in the consulting industry. We have seen everything from Excel sheets, in-house developments to time tracking directly in ERP systems. With all these approaches, the consultant must enter his times manually. Often hours have to be recorded twice, once for billing and once for reporting to the customer.
In short, manual time recording is expensive and prone to errors. Without feeding time recording data back into planning and resource management, it is not possible to make reliable statements about the quality of cost estimates or consultants’ availabilities.


 An employee’s personal schedule, with two projects and one training. Our AI fills the schedule to match project and employee needs.

Smart Time Tracking

The good news is it doesn’t have to be painful. With decídalo you can automate most of the process.

Our intelligent time recording automatically prefills the time sheets of the consultants on the basis of decídalo’s AI-based resource management. It consolidates various data sources, including the employees’ Exchange calendars, and is therefore always up-to-date. Project assignments as well as short-term deadlines automatically appear in the timesheet. In most cases, a single click is enough to confirm the timesheets.

If the default data is not accurate, the consultant can easily adjust the entry. These adjustments are reflected in the project planning. The tool updates the planned project times, learns from them and adapts future calculations, projections and assignments ever better to your consultants. The entire process is compliant to the strict European data privacy regulations, transparent to the employee and bundled in a single tool.

For consultants, this means less overtime, less stress and more time for billable work. For companies, it means higher planning accuracy and more productive labor time through automation of administrative tasks.

You want to track time the smart way?


An example time sheet prefilled with suggestions from that schedule. (click to enlarge)