Effective bench management with decídalo

On the bench – this is the common term in the consulting industry for consultants without a project.

This bench reduces not only profitability but also the motivation of the affected consultants.  Active bench management is necessary to get them back into projects as quickly as possible.

Utilization management is a core component of decídalo’s Resource Management module. With the current release, we have added a bench management feature to the base module. The functionality is also available to customers who previously only used skills and CV management.

No more unwieldy bench lists in Excel – with decídalo, all information is centrally available. Do not wait until a suitable project comes along.  Take appropriate measures to actively place consultants.

With the integration into skills and CV management, you understand which skills are more often on the bench and which are highly sought after. Using this insight, you build up the right skills to ensure a high utilization.

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