Review 2019 and Preview 2020

2019 was again a very successful year for Data Assessment Solutions GmbH (DAS).

We recorded strong revenue growth and won other big names in the consulting industry as customers, including Software AG, BTC AG and Allgeier Consulting Services.

With the launch of our US website, we have succeeded in entering the American market. We will significantly increase our activity here this year and invest heavily in marketing and sales.

Our research team DAS Research was represented with lectures and publications at the internationally leading AI conferences. Matrix Calculus enjoys great popularity in the AI community and has established itself as the tool of choice for computing derivatives of matrix algebra expressions. The GENO project published at the NeurIPS conference at the end of 2019 radically simplifies access to the numerical solution of optimization problems.

Our main product, decídalo, has been enhanced with numerous features and functions.

Many of our customers replace annual staff appraisals with project-related feedback and training. With decídalo, this can now be easily implemented. In this way, we enable agile qualification and ensure that the right skills are available in the future.

A popular planning parameter in resource management are so-called FTE (Full Time Equivalents). This value is defined using the average annual net working time of a full-time employee. Leave and expected days of absence are taken into account. The problem is that at the time of planning it is not clear when exactly an employee will take leave or be absent. This leads to systematic errors in project planning because it is not clear how many working hours correspond to an FTE in a period of, for example, one month. With the current version of decídalo, we have solved this problem with the help of AI.

With GENO we have a unique tool for solving large, non-linear optimization problems. This year we will use it to tackle numerous new applications in skills and resource management.

Another focus of product development is the integration with other cloud solutions. The next release will already include the first version of our Jira interface. We will further expand this during the course of the year to enable seamless integration of both systems. We will also significantly expand our own REST API.