Features in the new reference management

Our reference management has been updated! Besides the new user interface, some helpful features have been added.

With the connection to DeepL.com, for example, you can now translate project descriptions and contributions into any language.

In addition, we offer you an interface with Pexels, a large online database with suitable images. This way, further project images can be added quickly.

In general, the update now gives you the possibility to create different versions of your reference project. Saving different translations or descriptions for one project at the same time is no longer a problem. Through an automatic version tracking you will always see the latest adjustments.

After many requests from our customers, we have created the feature to upload documents. You can simply add contracts or reference agreements that match the projects. In addition, it is now possible to add any comments to the reference projects.

Do you want to search for reference projects or sort them according to individual criteria? With “tags” you can give your projects their own keywords – so you can quickly find exactly the project you were looking for.

If you have any questions about our reference management, please feel free to contact us.