Resource management begins with a quotation calculation

From quotation to resource planning – without process breaks

For many companies, the resource management process starts with a resource requirement. But how do you know how many person-days with which skill set are needed? This is often determined in an upstream quoting process.

In the simplest case, the customer requests a contingent of person-days and explicitly specifies the resource requirement. This business is also known as body leasing. It is increasingly losing importance, not least because this is where the lowest margins are achieved.

In all other cases, the resource requirements must be determined from the tasks to be completed. To do this, the project is divided into work packages, the time required for each work package is estimated, and the required skill sets (roles) are defined. The latter determine the costs and prices via assigned daily rates. This effort estimation is therefore usually carried out as part of the quotation costing process.

The resource requirements are derived from the same data. Nevertheless, we often see a process break here: The project is calculated in Excel and a quotation is created for the customer. Resource planning and staffing run separately and often only start once the project has been won.

This not only leads to additional work, but also makes the workload forecast more difficult. In the worst case, you find out too late that you need additional, external staff for project implementation or that you can’t deliver on schedule.

With decídalo, you avoid process and system breaks. Project costing, quotation preparation and resource management all run in the same tool. Thanks to decídalo’s CRM integration, your opportunities are already in the system.

You can identify potential resource bottlenecks as early as the quotation phase and get an up-to-date workload forecast at any time, which also takes your sales pipeline into account.

You want to attach a project plan, suitable reference projects and consultant CVs to your proposal presentation? This is also possible with decídalo at the push of a button.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities in an individual web demo.