APIs: How we integrate decídalo into existing systems

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are in widespread use these days – including in our software decídalo. Through various interfaces, we ensure in our application that our customers can easily integrate decídalo into their existing system landscape and connect systems on an ongoing basis.
We are constantly working on expanding the API, as this enables us to provide our customers with more uniform data, better performance and greater flexibility. In this way, we enable current data to be accessed and updated without delay. Compared to other interfaces, the API has the decisive advantage that it changes the data in real time.

We already use APIs in many places. Typical connections include CRM or ERP systems for projects and customer data.
Elsewhere, we also use CSV interfaces, Microsoft Exchange Services or single sign-on.
With the latest releases, two more useful APIs have been added!

With the “Search” API, our customers can now access the database in decídalo via their internal tools. They can search for employees, skills and projects in their own or other systems – the results are transmitted in real time from decídalo to the connected system. This enables our customers to seamlessly integrate the decídalo search feature.

Through our “Reports” interface, reports available in decídalo are retrieved and can then be reused in other systems. Again, the API enables real-time data transfer. A common use case for this is, for example, integration with Microsoft Power BI. There, various reports and dashboards can be created using the data from decídalo. This means that individual evaluations are possible at any time and can be implemented quickly.
Customers and interested parties receive access to our Swagger documentation free of charge. Thus, interfaces can be implemented in-house if required.
We would be happy to support you in integrating decídalo optimally into your workflow and discuss possible interfaces for your company with you.

For more information or questions, please contact us!