Simplified frontend for resource management

As simple as Excel – but without the drawbacks

Many team leaders have an Excel spreadsheet with their employees’ schedules and absences. Excel is simple, anyone can do Excel, Excel is flexible. Project schedules are dynamic and need to be constantly updated – simplicity is important. Team leaders, project managers and resource managers are interested in different information – flexibility is important. For this reason a separate Excel sheet is quickly created.

The problem: The data only exists in the Excel sheet. This leads to redundant data entry and system breaks, and thus inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

In decídalo you now have a frontend that is as simple and flexible as a spreadsheet, but with a fully integrated backend. You can import projects and absences, find available employees, match assigned and scheduled times, and create forecasts for the entire company.

The user interface offers all the familiar features of a spreadsheet, like dragging cells, filtering, showing and hiding columns, etc.

Of course, you can also see all schedules from Resource Management in the new view. decídalo ensures end-to-end processes and consistent data.

Consultants can transfer projects they have been scheduled for directly into the project history of their profile. Time recording is pre-populated by the planning. Not only you save time, but also your team.

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