Skills Management in the Age of GenAI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is increasingly changing the world of work.

The right use of GenAI in digital processes can lead to a significant increase in efficiency and a more productive way of working.

Currently, less than five percent of companies were using generative AI, according to a new Gartner study from 2023.1 So we are among the first companies to actively integrate GenAI into an application.

How is previously known AI different from GenAI?

Previous forms of Artificial Intelligence were able to analyse and evaluate existing data. Further development in the form of Generative AI can additionally generate new content based on existing data. In decídalo, we make use of this ability and revolutionize skills management with the integration of GenAI!

Our newly developed skills matrix works fully automatically and thus minimizes the maintenance effort enormously. The matrix no longer only displays the currently assessed skills of the employees, but now also makes suggestions independently!

The data from the consultants’ profiles is read out and based on this, probable but not yet registered skills are estimated.

For example: If a consultant has entered “C#” and “Python”, decídalo recognizes that the skill “programming ability” must also be present and directly suggests an assessment in the matrix. The skill level is also automatically estimated.

Of course, this happens in both directions: The skill calculated by GenAI is now in the skill matrix and in the consultant’s profile.

In addition, several skill matrices can be created, so that, for example, skill overviews can be created for different industries.

Skill trees and incomplete lists that are costly to maintain are transformed into an always up-to-date, complete and intelligent skill matrix!

To try out the skill matrix, you can simply register for decídalo Free:

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